Restaurant, Food, & Beverage

Keep your food and beverage business nourished with sound legal advice.

With increasing globalization and competition, more discerning consumers and growing regulation, today’s food and hospitality businesses face unprecedented challenge—yet against this very backdrop are also tremendous opportunities for growth.

When food and beverage-related businesses in the hospitality industry seek wise legal counsel to help them meet their business challenges and capitalize on new growth opportunities, they turn to the experienced attorneys at Gray Plant Mooty.

From our offices in Minnesota and in Washington, D.C., and serving food and beverage purveyors across the U.S. and globally, the breadth and depth of our nationally ranked hospitality practice is unparalleled.

In fact, several of our attorneys worked in-house for the nation’s most prominent food and beverage brand names and franchises and were instrumental in shaping some of the laws and policies governing the industry today.

We represent some of the nation’s most recognized food and beverage brands and the companies who serve them.

We draw upon that depth of experience to guide companies doing business in the food and beverage space—from farm to table—including:

  • Food producers and growers
  • Food and beverage manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and retailers
  • Full-service restaurants
  • Fast food chains
  • Dessert eateries
  • Casual dining establishments
  • Shopping center food courts
  • Convenience stores
  • Food equipment dealers
  • Food trade associations
  • Grocery stores and retail outlets
  • Sports venue food service
  • eCommerce venues


The advice we give directly impacts our food and beverage clients’ profitability. That’s why we focus on practical, cost-effective solutions, drawing upon our deep experience in the hospitality industry. We represent food and beverage companies in all facets of their business operations, including:

Food Safety
One of the greatest threats to food and beverage business is food safety.  We work proactively with food purveyors to create and provide training and enforce operational standards and employee protocols to ensure a clean, sanitary place of business and to avoid common food safety issues. And, if an outbreak does occur, we work with our clients through all phases of the investigation and regulatory compliance process.Labeling
We work with our food and beverage clients to ensure that food labels are in compliance with the FDA, USDA and other state and local laws.

Product Recalls
When a product has been recalled or withdrawn from the marketplace, we help our clients respond swiftly to minimize liability, protect the brand, manage customer relations and avoid disruption to the business.

Employment, Labor & Immigration
From immigration compliance to increasing pressure on wages, food and beverage businesses are facing more employment-related challenges than ever before. Our attorneys routinely counsel hospitality businesses on all facets of their employment, labor and immigration needs.

Intellectual Property & Technology
Our attorneys help food and beverage industry businesses protect their significant investments in intellectual property and technology. We routinely advise hospitality-based businesses with trademark and brand management, copyright, software and technology licensing, information security and privacy, trade secrets, and Internet and e-commerce. 

International Sales
As the world gets smaller and business becomes more global, many U.S.-based food and beverage companies are taking advantage of market conditions—and the goodwill and cache of their brands—to expand operations into foreign countries. At the same time, many international food and beverage companies seek to penetrate the U.S. market with their brands. The attorneys at Gray Plant Mooty regularly assist food and beverage clients with their transnational growth strategies.

When business disputes arise, our clients benefit from a nationally acclaimed team of litigators, with particular experience advising food and beverage companies and franchises. Our litigation team has represented franchisors in courts and arbitration tribunals throughout the U.S., taking advantage of briefs, pleadings and strategies that have withstood challenges in earlier cases.

Our firm works with more than 100 of the nation’s largest and most recognized franchises—many of which are hospitality businesses—in all facets of their franchise operations including franchise registration, compliance, and multi-unit franchising. We also guide franchisors and franchisees through mergers and acquisitions and dealership terminations.

Business Succession Planning
Whether selling a hospitality business or preparing to transfer the company’s ownership to the next generation, clients rely on Gray Plant Mooty to help guide them through a smooth transition.

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