Software & Technology

With decades of experience, our Software & Technology Team offers expert representation for software licensors, licensees, developers, resellers, and distributors in negotiating and drafting agreements that include:

  • Mass market licenses
  • Individually negotiated license agreements
  • Development agreements
  • Support and maintenance agreements
  • Software escrow arrangements
  • Distribution and reseller agreements
  • ASP agreements
  • Click-through and shrink-wrap agreements
  • Sale and assignment of rights to software
  • Open-source software compliance programs


  • Ongoing work with a high-tech manufacturer in development of generic software license for laser products and customized licenses for major medical device companies. We also work with same client on agreements with third parties for custom software programming, application design and development services, and in connection with support and maintenance service agreements.
  • Represent a leading direct sales organization in connection with negotiation of software development agreements for first and second versions of customized image organization software
  • Working with a regional transportation service in connection with the development of proprietary transportation scheduling and vehicle maintenance software products and development of a licensing and maintenance program and agreements for the same
  • Represent a provider of leading edge Apple compatible peripheral products in connection with development agreements, end-user licenses, and reseller agreements for various Apple application software products
  • Represented a medical information service provider in connection with the negotiation and drafting of a software development agreement involving customization of the client’s proprietary software technology for the development of a secure and accountable message delivery system having multiple industry applications
  • Represented a major software developer in negotiations with an international apparel retailer for a multi-year master agreement that provided for the licensing of multiple software products and associated implementation, consulting, and maintenance services, valued at $50 million
  • Negotiated a complex software licensing agreement on behalf of a major university physicians group, including ancillary agreements, for a large software project involving electronic wireless devices for physicians
  • Negotiated an outsourcing agreement on behalf of a health care group for business office software and billing work, valued at $5 million