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When leaders at nonprofit organizations, foundations, college and universities, and health care providers face legal challenges or obstacles, they turn to Sarah Duniway for guidance. Sarah facilitates her clients’ creative problem-solving skills and helps them arrive at the solutions that best serve their organizations’ goals. Clients trust Sarah for her ability to provide straightforward counsel on a wide range of questions, offering high-level perspective rooted in a deep understanding of the complexities of the law. Above all, Sarah delights in helping her clients accomplish their missions.

Sarah regularly advises clients on tax-exemption, governance, campaign finance, and business operations issues. She draws on this extensive experience to speak frequently on key business issues for nonprofits such as joint ventures, mergers and affiliations, structuring collaborative relationships, UBTI, and benefit corporations, as well as on governance, election law, and campaign finance issues for nonprofits. Sarah also provides counsel on matters pertaining to health law, specializing in long term care and disability programs, regulatory compliance, academic medicine, affiliations, joint ventures, financing, mergers and acquisitions, and HIPAA.

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