Social Media & Technology Risk Review

With our Compliance Review Program, Gray Plant Mooty is pleased to offer an affordable proactive approach to managing employer risk. Our approach to compliance reviews combines our legal expertise and perspective with a practical business viewpoint. We candidly review the strengths and weaknesses of your current practices and policies, identify any risk areas, and provide constructive recommendations.  Each compliance review in our series is offered at a customized flat rate.

This review is a broad-based evaluation of your company’s policies and practices involving technology and social media and your company’s vulnerability to associated legal risks. The law around these issues in the workplace is complex and evolving. The rapid growth and extensive reach of technology and of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter has forever changed the way people communicate at work as well as outside of it.  The use of technology by employees has many advantages, but also creates employer challenges.

When managing the legal risks associated with technology and social media challenges, employers must balance the company’s business needs with employees’ various rights.  Keeping these considerations in mind, a custom review will typically include the following:

  • Initial Consultation. In a one - to two-hour listening session, we learn about your current policies and practices related to technology and social media so that we can customize an appropriate review
  • A policy and practice review. We examine your technology and social media policies and enforcement practices to ensure your company is well-positioned to manage your employees’ use of these resources and to reduce the risk that your company is found to be in violation of employment or labor laws, including the wage and hour laws. We then provide recommendations for any necessary corrections or additions and can draft revisions and/or missing policies
  • Wage and hour practices.  We examine your policies and practices regarding the use of technology by non-exempt employees and make recommendations for compliance with wage and hour laws
  • A review of electronic data preservation. We examine and make recommendations for your policies and practices on maintaining and preserving electronic data
  • Online security. For companies interested in this service, we can partner with your internal technology experts or outside experts to examine your current technology systems, security risks, and security measures and make recommendations to enhance security
  • A post-review management meeting. We discuss our findings, any concerns that came up, and recommended action steps with you and your key managers
  • A follow-up management training. We can train your management team on managing the various day-to-day risks associated with the use of technology and social media

To learn more about this program, contact Megan Anderson at 612.632.3004 or or Mark Mathison at 612.632.3247 or or any other member of the Labor, Employment & Higher Education law practice group.