Wage & Hour Compliance Review

Gray Plant Mooty is pleased to offer an affordable proactive approach to managing employer risk. Our approach to compliance reviews combines our legal expertise and perspective with a practical business viewpoint. We candidly review the strengths and weaknesses of your current practices and policies, identify any risk areas, and provide constructive recommendations.  Each compliance review in our series is offered at a customized flat rate with a comprehensive evaluation of your company’s policies, practices, and procedures.

The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and its state law counterpart prescribe standards for minimum wage and overtime pay for employers in Minnesota. Compliance with these laws has become a key focus area of the Department of Labor (DOL) and plaintiffs’ attorneys. Seemingly minor infractions can result in severe penalties for those employers found to be non-compliant with the law. A standard review will typically include the following:

  • A review of job classifications and identification of areas of risk
  • A review of pay practices to ensure that required wages are included when calculating employees’ regular rates of pay
  • A comprehensive analysis of salary payment practices to confirm that exempt employees are compensated appropriately
  • A detailed written report with analysis of the exempt status of various positions at your company