Personal Injury

An accident can be a life-changing experience, presenting a multitude of confusing issues at a time when you’re least able to confront them. If you or a family member is injured in a motor vehicle, home, or farm accident, you may need to:

  • Explore complex insurance questions
  • Deal with insurance adjusters
  • Seek compensation for injuries

We feel privileged to serve our clients at this difficult time. Whatever the accident or the size of the claim, we strive to treat you and your family with the care and sensitivity you need to move forward with your lives. And we provide aggressive, personalized representation to help you get just compensation for injuries, disabilities, pain and suffering, and the loss of wages.

In the tragic event of accidental or wrongful death, our team offers insightful counsel. If someone is harmed, injured, or killed through the negligence of another, Gray Plant Mooty’s Personal Injury team has the expertise and resources to get results.

The lead attorney on our team is certified as a Civil Litigation Specialist by the Minnesota State Bar Association and is a past dean of the Academy of Certified Trial Lawyers of Minnesota.